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Powerful PFP Estimation Software

Increase efficiency and ensure accuracy

QUANTIFIRE is one of the world’s most comprehensive and advanced PFP estimation tools for structural steelwork.  QUANTIFIRE can be used to assess fire protection material requirements on a project.  It is complemented by a range of dedicated features to consider optimised, engineered and cost-informed decisions to be made on a project.

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QUANTIFIRE is ideal for

QUANTIFIRE can have a positive influence across the passive fire protection industry, but has a specific focus on the following professional areas: –

  • PFP manufacturers with or without in-house estimation teams
  • Distributers acting on behalf of suppliers
  • Independent estimation professionals
  • Fire protection applicators
  • Steelwork fabricators
  • Main Contractors
  • EPC: Engineering, Procurement and Construction professionals
  • Fire Engineers
  • Process Safety Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Approving Authorities
  • Authorities Having Jurisdiction
  • Civil Defence

Key benefits

  • Tailored for intumescent coatings
  • Cellulosic and hydrocarbon applications
  • Project database
  • Extensive data analytics and reporting
  • Default steel temperature library 
  • Control of user access to advanced features
  • Internal teams and visibility restrictions
  • Eurocode Fire Engineering module
  • RT 1356 Cellular beam module
  • Cost-benefit optimisation tools
  • Product comparisons
  • Rapid MTO import from external files
  • Private database functionality
  • Customer collaboration versions
  • Customisable as required
  • Multi-language Support