We have a vast experience of PFP materials with a specific focus on intumescent fire protection. Whether an oil & gas or onshore building focus, be sure that your product is fit for purpose.   Our areas of expertise include: –

  • Specification and design of PFP systems
  • Alignment with Regulations, standards, and certification
  • Rationalisation of PFP material through engineering assessments
  • Product application and quality control processes

Design, Specification and Product Selection

Understanding fire risk and creating the appropriate specification to meet the potential hazard presented seems logical and straightforward. However, truly understanding what the fire risk is and how to combat it is often ‘lost’ when taking into consideration the environment of the asset to be protected, legislation and regulation as well as asset owner driven requirements.

With a true understanding of all the elements required to put in place a design specification which meets all requirements it is often the case that many savings can be made whilst maintaining highest levels of fire integrity and safety.

Having a very practical understanding of passive fire protection, from design through to installation, PFP Specialists can provide an independent assessment of your requirements and provide support necessary to ensure a successful project.

However, we not only deal with new construction projects but also are able to offer services relating to existing installations which may have degraded due to time and exposure or need to be reassessed due to changes in fire safety regulation.

Please contact us for further information.