PFP Specialists’ in-house Chartered engineers use standardised calculations and/or bespoke assessments, including finite element modelling to verify performance of structures exposed to fire with various passive fire protection arrangements.  Our key specialisms include: –

  • Design fire appraisals
  • Heat transfer assessments
  • Structural response behaviour
  • Critical temperature determination
  • Passive fire protection arrangement rationalisation
  • Secondary member protection elimination
  • Assessment of coatback requirement and rationalisation
  • Evaluation of localised hot-spots and secondary attachment influence
  • Evaluation of damaged PFP and impact on structural load-bearing capacity
  • Third-party reviews

Structural Analysis and Fire Design

To many people, the concept of fire resistance remains only a time period, i.e. 30, 60, 90 minutes etc.  The reality is that fire resistance, be it insulation, integrity or stability is complemented by other performance measures.   In the realm of structural stability in fire, structural performance quantification can be critical.  Accepted simplified industry performance measures exist but these can be overly conservative or in some cases unconservative with respect to a specific structural design.

Being able to align structural engineering standards, fire engineering methodologies, fire test standards, product performance and associated application brings many advantages.  The ability to demonstrate quantified robust design in fire to the satisfaction of the Approving Authority is key, but an added benefit in many assessments is the economic gain associated with rationalisation and optimisation.

We are able to undertake structural fire design assessments either by direct engagement or in the capacity of an appointed advisor to a project’s design team.  We are also able to offer independent assessments and third-party verification of structural fire design appraisals to aid a project’s Approvals process.  This could form an appointment by either a design team or by the Approving Authority directly.

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