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PFPNet, the Passive Fire Protection Network, was formed to improve knowledge and understanding about passive fire protection in the hydrocarbon processing industries and other high-risk industrial applications. PFP Specialists Ltd are a member of PFPNet and John Dunk is the current Chairman of the Steering Committee. PFPNet is a non-profit industry group set up to serve the needs of its members.

Why the Need?

Passive fire protection (PFP) has been used extensively within the hydrocarbon industry for many decades to mitigate the effects of fire, saving lives and assets. But despite this track record it is often the case that the users of PFP do not fully understand key aspects of this important subject, and the hydrocarbon industries have not always taken on board the lessons learned from the past.

Whilst conferences and seminars can inform on what is happening in industry, and manufacturers can provide information on the latest system developments, there is no body which is dedicated to raising standards in the use of PFP by both setting a future technical agenda, and educating based on what has been learned from the past.

PFPNet is focused on serving the needs of the users of hydrocarbon fireproofing materials and systems, through a focus on education, training, capturing and retaining existing knowledge, researching key topics, clarifying points of confusion and disseminating this to the membership, and to the industry at large with the aim of improving quality.

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