Quantifire is estimation and fire engineering software for structural steel. Features include rapid import from lists, critical temperature calculations and cellular beam critical temperature and product thickness calculation. For more information please contact PFP Specialists.


(Requires license to activate and use)

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Quantifire (32 bit)

Quantifire (64 bit)

Quantifire – universal version

*The universal version filename excludes the version number. It is recommended for users of Sophos or other anti-malware systems that give a false positive when the filename changes.

Latest Changes

What’s New in Quantifire (updated 2021-04-12)

Main User Guide

Quantifire Main User Guide (updated 2020-12-02)

Quick Start Guides

  1. Installation (updated December 2020)
  2. Getting Started (updated April 2020)
  3. The Import Canvas (updated April 2021)
  4. Beams with Web Openings (updated March 2020)
  5. Analytics with Power BI (updated August 2020)
  6. Teams (updated December 2020)
  7. Optimiser (updated April 2021)

Video tutorial: getting started

19th January 2021 by PFP Specialists Ltd.

Sections in this video (links take you to Youtube):

  • 00:35 Opening the software and logging in
  • 01:30 Starting a new project in estimation mode
  • 02:17 Selecting products
  • 02:30 Private database functionality and external Quantifire licences
  • 03:36 The MTO Builder page overview
  • 04:04 Editing system costs, application settings, primers and topcoats
  • 04:34 User inputs overview
  • 06:55 Inputting by length, area or weight
  • 08:04 Entering a composite beam with and without voids filled
  • 09:23 Entering custom sections
  • 11:50 Advanced settings
  • 12:22 Showing extra information columns
  • 12:42 The editing buttons
  • 13:58 Changing some or all sections at once
  • 15:04 Creating an output report
  • 17:33 Setting and editing notes on a report
  • 19:04 Review of the technical basis output report
  • 20:35 Not included in this video