New company; decades of experience

The ability to understand the impact of fire on a structure and how to select, specify and deliver a finished installation of the correct passive fire protection material for the protection of life and assets is increasingly important. However, technical and practical skills are often in short supply and accessing companies and individuals with the appropriate experience and qualifications to assist your needs can be difficult.

PFP Specialists has been established to meet these shortages and provide truly independent support and assistance in all areas of passive fire protection for both the’ hydrocarbon’ and ‘cellulosic’ markets covering oil, gas and energy industries as well as the building construction market.

Our primary activities are:

Consultancy Services – technical assessments, product use, structural fire engineering appraisals, market and management

Software – specialist software for product development, heat transfer, structural analysis and data management

Products – specialist product development and support

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For the building construction and high-value infrastructure market (the ‘built environment’) whilst the fire exposure and environmental conditions are less severe than the oil and gas industry fire is nevertheless a critical consideration in design and we can assist clients at many levels.

Above all our remit is to provide you with independent service and support, to minimise cost for passive fire protection or, if you are a product developer, to maximise opportunity and speed your ‘time to market’ for new products.