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The passive fire protection and structural fire engineering industry use a multitude of acronyms and abbreviations.  A non-exhaustive list is provided below to aid the user.

ALS-FireAccidental limit state of fire
BSBritish Standards
CBCellular beam / Beam with large web openings
CFTConcrete filled tube
CCTCritical core temperature of steelwork – see Tcrit
DFTDry film thickness
EMTAElemental multi-temperature analysis (for beams with large web-openings)
ENEuropean norm
HHFHigh heat flux
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
JFJet fire
MTAMulti-temperature analysis
MTOMaterial take-off
PGPlate girder
PFPPassive fire protection
TcritCritical temperature of steelwork, often referred to as Limiting Temperature in the hydrocarbon industry.
ULSUltimate limit state
WFTWet film thickness