Month: August 2021

PFPS Announces the Launch of the Quantifire Web Service

The PFP Specialists estimation software offering is today expanded with the launch of QWS – the Quantifire Web Service. This fully automated calculation service provides a faster and simpler way for estimators to get MTOs back quickly. Users upload a file, select the PFP products and settings, and receive the job back to their email inbox in seconds. It is designed to complement Quantifire desktop software by providing a user-friendly and fast experience to handle the simpler jobs, while the Quantifire desktop software handles the complicated jobs, advanced calculations and optimisation needs of advanced users.

QWS also provides an easy way for users to request support from PFP Specialists’ team of experts, allowing transparent pricing to handle drawings, checking and engineering calculations.

Sign up and receive credits for a free job to test QWS for yourself.