Month: January 2021

PFP Specialists are pleased to announce Sherman Spear as an Associate

PFP Specialists have formed an agreement with Sherm Spear to become an Associate of PFPS to assist in introducing and expanding our capabilities in North America and Canada. Sherm has over thirty years experience in passive fire protection, primarily in the oil, gas and hydrocarbon processing industries for both epoxy-based and cementitious PFP materials. Over the years Sherm has worked with most of the major oil, gas and petrochemical companies along with their engineering and product application contractors and therefore has a broad view of the requirements for passive fire protection across the ‘contract chain’.

Sherm is based in Massachusetts and will be responsible for introducing PFPS services and products as well as carrying out direct consulting requirements for the areas he is experienced with. We are extremely pleased to be able to welcome Sherm to PFPS and are looking forward to the opportunity of expanding our services in to new territories.