Month: August 2020

Dr. Ian Bradley has an article published in Process Safety and Environmental Protection

As part of research into the thermodynamic response of pressure vessels to fire at BAM (Germany) in 2019, Dr. Ian Bradley co-authored an article giving an overview of relevant fire test methods. The article reviews past vessel fire tests and proposes a set of thermal exposure conditions appropriate to adopt in ‘standard’ fire testing of vessels. It is worth noting that since submission of this article BSI has published BS 8619:2020 Determination of the resistance to hydrocarbon pool fires of fire protection materials and systems for pressure vessels (not to be confused with BS EN standard of the same number). The conditions therein meet the recommendations given within this article.

The below link gives free access to the article up to October 9th 2020:

Optimisation techniques in structural fire engineering

Optimisation techniques in structural fire engineering: unprotected secondary beams as part of a design strategy to take advantage of tensile membrane action.

Value engineering hand-in-hand with robust design approaches via use of the Vulcan software.

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