Passive Fire Protection Software

PFP Specialists provide bespoke systems and a number of ‘off-the-shelf’ programmes designed to aid manufacturers of fire protection systems, testing laboratories and engineers. Our software solutions help you manage your facility, your resources, and your data more efficiently. With particular emphasis on data capture, storage and analysis, we assist in bringing better products to market, quicker, or by saving professionals time in their day-to-day jobs.

PFP Specialists offer a range of software tools for the purposes of:

We also develop software to client specification under contract. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our existing software offer includes the following programmes:

Data Capture and business analytics

Our database design and knowledge of BI tools, combined with our understanding of fire testing and fire protection products, allows us to design laboratory management tools, scheduling tools, workflow tools and reporting tools that match the requirements of the fire safety industry.


The FIRECEL Suite of data manipulation tools is designed to improve data capture and manipulation for companies involved in the development of passive fire protection materials.

Firecel is primarily a productivity tool. It increases the quality of data analysis and capture, while reducing the time spent on data manipulation. It enables more efficient product development, better external test design, and more competitive product assessments.


FIRECEL turns the analysing of raw fire test data from a time-consuming business into a short task.

Aimed at test laboratories and product manufacturers, it converts and captures test and specimen information, detects and handles anomalous data, performs calculations and produces reports. Rather than calculate only what you need on the day, it captures all information about a test in a dedicated database system (DATACEL) for quick future access. ISO 17025 accredited laboratories benefit from the automatic production of draft reports, to their own templates.


The most comprehensive steelwork protection assessment tool.

PROCEL aims to analyse all possible permutations of graphical and regression assessments, allowing manufacturers to comply with the relevant guidance/standards while obtaining the most competitive results. Automatic calculation of correction factors, bands, corrected data, charts, tables and reports makes the number-crunching aspect quick and straight-forward. PROCEL is also compatible with DATACEL for one-touch import of fire test results.

Lab Management Tool

Our semi-bespoke lab management systems build on our knowledge of your industry to offer a cost-effective system that is bespoke to you.

We join up all the tasks undertaken in your laboratory in a single system, allowing users to manage the lab more effectively. Whether your team members are involved in practical tasks, equipment operation, scheduling, photo capture, lab management, or other work, we ensure that they have access to the information they need to perform their jobs effectively. Our system, consisting of a secure cloud-based database and applications that function on and off site, is designed to your specific requirements. The systems are compatible with the FIRECEL suite.

Our laboratory management system is designed to digitise and collate all the information necessary to ensure smooth operation of a fire test laboratory.

From consumables to steelwork to specimens to FP products, it tracks and manages all aspects of a fire test lab from specimen initiation, through preparation and testing, to post-post and disposal.

Using cloud-based database and user-interface tools we provide visibility to all personnel, on and off site, of the progress of tasks and specimens.

Notifications and analytics tools ensure personnel are aware of tasks required. Scheduling routines assist in the efficient use of resources, such as application areas, environmental test cabinets, or furnaces.

Thermal Transfer Tool

Our thermal transfer tool is a 2D finite difference modelling tool useful for heat transfer calculations when the complexity does not justify the time and expense of a full 3D finite element analysis. Aimed at fire safety engineers and product specification professionals, the software is extremely user-friendly and versatile. A full user and theory/validation manual is available.