Evaluation of PFP Materials

We have a vast experience of PFP materials with a specific focus on intumescent fire protection. Whether an oil & gas or on-shore building focus, be sure that your product is fit for purpose.

Specification and Design of PFP Systems

Minimise the risk of problems or failure associated with PFP by getting it right in the very first instance. We offer independent and bespoke advice and assessments built on experience and industry best-practice.

Structural Fire Engineering

Our in-house engineers use standardised calculations and/or bespoke assessments, including finite element modelling to verify performance of structures exposed to fire with various PFP arrangements.

Rationalisation of PFP Material

Ensure that your project is getting the most economic value when it comes to PFP while demonstrating appropriate fire resistance and associated safety as part of a cost-benefit assessment.

PFP Application and QA / QC Processes

We can offer the advice in relation to best-practice application for PFP and associated quality assurance and quality control to minimise risk to business interruption and/or cost associated with unwanted post-installation repair.

Software for Heat Transfer

We develop and maintain in-house specialist software for the assessment of heat transfer for a wide range of applications. Versatility and user-friendly approaches make this a powerful application for the fire safety industry.

Software for PFP Product Development

Specialist software to manage lab resources and/or product development efficiently to minimise risk and cost to manufacturers, fire test houses and certification bodies alike. We can create bespoke customisation as required.

Regulations, Standards and Certification

PFPS has a wealth of experience in relation to common global and local fire protection and engineering standards and associated certification. Ensure that your project is aligned correctly or that your product development is optimised accordingly.

PFP services are designed to provide support in a number of areas including:

Please contact us for further detail and support to your current fire protection requirements.

Design, Specification and Product Selection

Understanding fire risk and creating the appropriate specification to meet the potential hazard presented seems logical and straightforward. However, truly understanding what the fire risk is and how to combat it is often ‘lost’ when taking into consideration the environment of the asset to be protected, legislation and regulation as well as asset owner driven requirements.

With a true understanding of all the elements required to put in place a design specification which meets all requirements it is often the case that many savings can be made whilst maintaining highest levels of fire integrity and safety.

Having a very practical understanding of passive fire protection, from design through to installation, PFP Specialists can provide an independent assessment of your requirements and provide support necessary to ensure a successful project.

However, we not only deal with new construction projects but also are able to offer services relating to existing installations which may have degraded due to time and exposure or need to be reassessed due to changes in fire safety regulation.

Structural Analysis and Fire Design

To many people, the concept of fire resistance remains only a time period, i.e. 30, 60, 90, etc. minutes.  The reality is that fire resistance, be it insulation, integrity or stability is complemented by other performance measures.   In the realm of structural stability in fire, structural performance quantification can be critical.  Accepted simplified industry performance measures exist but these can be overly conservative or in some cases unconservative with respect to a specific structural design.

Being able to align structural engineering standards, fire engineering methodologies, fire test standards, product performance and associated application brings many advantages.  The ability to demonstrate quantified robust design in fire to the satisfaction of the Approving Authority is key, but an added benefit in many assessments is the economic gain associated with rationalisation and optimisation.

We are able to undertake structural fire design assessments either by direct engagement or in the capacity of an appointed advisor to a project’s design team.  We are also able to offer independent assessments and 3rd party verification of structural fire design appraisals to aid a project’s Approvals process.  This could form an appointment by either a design team or by the Approving Authority directly.

PFP Software

PFP Specialists have a range of software on offer. Please see our Specialist software page for more details.